MIT Quantum Hackathon: iQuHACK 2021

MIT Quantum Hackathon: iQuHACK 2021將於1月30~31日(美國東部時間)舉辦,歡迎有志挑戰者報名參加(報名期限為1月15日) !

MIT Quantum Hackathon: iQuHACK 2021
Started on January 30th-31st (EST)

iQuHACK (interdisciplinary Quantum HACKathon) 2021 is MIT’s second annual quantum hackathon. We aim to bring people from a diverse set of backgrounds, including physics, computer science, and chemistry, together to explore improvements and applications of near-term quantum devices. As a part of iQuHACK, we are also hosting a workshop on Friday, January 29th. The workshop is focused on the properties and applications of NISQ devices, and is aimed at preparing you for the hackathon.

*Programming Language: If you are in the annealing division, you will use Ocean. If you are in the gate-based computing division, we highly encourage you to use Python and Qiskit.